Midnight Forest Lofts

Home of English Trumpeters, Altenburg Trumpeters and rare colored Racing Homers

Flying Racing Homers

I have had Racing Homing Pigeons (hereafter referred to as RHPs) since 1994. They were my first breed of pigeon. I whole-heartedly went after the sport of racing. I built a loft with young bird and old bird pens, with one way trap doors so they could get into the loft, I trained my birds out to 70+ miles in several directions. I traveled to shows strictly for RHPs in South Dakota and all over Minnesota. I originally had every color imagineable thanks to several generous local fanciers. I then cut way back after two years of breeding as many young as I could. I had no idea they could raise like rats!

I ended up keeping mostly birds I had trained and kept only colors like blue bar, blue check and mealies. I stuck with that for quite some time, dabbling in other colors from time to time, but always sticking with those colors. I then purchased a few 'rare' blue barless RHPs from my friend Tom Barnhart of Ohio. It is with these original birds from Tom and the birds I raised myself that I now today have RHPs in blue barless, indigo barless, true silver barless, ash red barless, dominant opal barless and ash yellow barless. I also have blue bar, blue check, indigo bar, indigo check, cream and mealy. I continue to train my birds out to 60-70 miles, but do not race them as time does not allow me to partake in that fun part of the sport! I have had several people purchase birds from me in the past and then tell me that they did very very well with the birds in races and wanted more! I guess I am doing something right with them! 

I created my own family of pigeons from mostly the Janssen strain of RHPs, with some HVR (Hysken-VanReel) and a few other long distance lines. I've maintained this line of pigeons since the very beginning and have fine tuned it in to what I have today. A smaller handling bird with nice lines, strong wings and backs with deep color and the ability to still find 'home'.

Past Homers

Blue Check Hen "Mona", the foundation to my winningest family of RHPs. 02-7137 Indigo Bar Hen, a photo of blue barless (far left), two indigo barless, an ash red barless, and a cream bar cock.