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Norwegian Tumblers

I started with these Norwegian Tumblers in 1995 with one pair. I had purchased them from a guy who had over 100 of these at the time I bought only one pair. Two weeks later he had sold the rest of them to a jockey and they were never seen or heard of again. From this one pair I managed to raise several young in the next few years. Only one cock from all these young created a problem. I had to do a lot of line mating to get more young and more cock birds. Since that meager beginning I now have about 15 pair of these beauties and all the colors that I have them in have come from the original pair,except for the ash red and almond genes, which I crossed in with Russian Tumbler cocks. I kept only one young per year that best exhibited the NT standard and best expression of color. Now 6 years into both colors, I can say they are pure NTs and look pretty good!

The NTs that I have are of pure decent from pre WWI and WWII. In Europe, the breed was almost wiped out and had to be recreated. The birds in Norway and the rest of Europe are therefore more modern, but you can tell that they are all NTs just by looking at them. I have a few photos of NTs from Norway on the bottom of this page. In Norway, the most popular colors are black, white, red and yellow. There are blues and mealies and creams, but are not as popular. I of course have the blues, mealies and creams. I do have red and yellow that came as a result of the blue and silvers carrying recessive red. They are therefore the unimproved color and not nearly as deep of color as the birds in Norway.


These birds have since been moved on to someone with more time to commit to their preservation. Unfortunately after they were sold for cheap to someone who promised to keep them and preserve them, they were sold to someone else without first right of refusal and I have now lost all of my decades of hard work on these little birds.


My original hen Cream Bar 94-449, three offspring from her: 97-430 Blue Check wf hen, 97-433 Blue Check hen, 97-454 Blue Bar cock.


97-429 Blue Check Magpie Marked Hen, 97-97 Silver Bare Hen, 98-96 Blue Bar Cock, 99-230 Ash Red Check Cock.

NT group of hens

A Group shot of just about every color my NTs come in (left to right) Ash Red Check, Recessive Red, Blue Check white flight, Almond, Silver Check Magpie, Recessive Yellow and Silver Check. All hens that I bred.

Norway's modern NT

White NT, Red NT, White NT with two Black NTs, pair of Red NTs

more modern NTs

Swedish Tumblers

Anyone ever seen these? I'd like to import them! :)

black and yellow