Midnight Forest Lofts

Home to Trumpeters, Form pigeons and rare colored Racing Homers


Well let's do a history on my lofts ok My original loft was our old play house. it was 4'x 8' with the roof peak at only 6'. Being that I am almost 6'3" I had to redo the loft. I made it into a n L shaped loft, with a small 4x4 pen that remained with the 6' high peak. the other half i tore out and made 8' high and 8 feet long. This housed my 2 pair of racing homers and their young birds really nicely.

After people found out I was young and had pigeons I received 30+ young racing homers from various local breeders. So again my loft expanded! I added on to my original loft a 10'x12' loft, with two pens in it. These would be my Old Bird and Breeder pens, both with nestboxes.  this loft still serves these purposes 12 breeding seasons later. the only difference is now my breeder pen is housing Norwegian Tumblers, and the 4x4 pen is housing my extra cocks.

I got 'bored' with the racing homers and got another loft to house my fancy breeds, English Trumpeters, Lahores, Helmets and Norwegian Tumblers to start. This loft was a 8x10 loft and I had several nestboxes in it. I also had an 8x10 aviary for them to fly in. Well that loft wasn't big enough as where would i put the young? So i put another 8x10 pen on the other side of the aviary. Again I got more birds and ended up taking the aviary out and making that a solid walled pen for my Bokharas. This loft still is in use but only houses young birds and seperates my cocks and hens in the breeding season. They all have the circle perches now for show conditioning.

I also bought a racing homer loft from my late friend Dwayne Johnson of Fergus Falls, MN and used this for a few years for my English Trumpeters. I had crap for young and eggs as the nestboxes were made for homers, not Trumpeters, and there were too many birds in the pen.I now house all of my German Trumepters breeds in there as well as my Arabian Trumpeters and they all seem to like this set up much better.

So my English Trumpeters are now in a 28'x54' building that used to house our dairy calves. I have two pens made so far, both 10'x12'. I eventually will be moving most of my birds from the older lofts into this newer building as it is insulated and I will be able to feed and watch all birds in one loft for maximum enjoyment. Check back for updated pics of the work in progress building!


Two shots of my lofts in the winter. Yes I live in Minnesota :)

Loft in the summer

Look how green!

Can hardly tell their are pigeons back there!

A place to reflect and relax while watching and listening to my pigeons. Very calming and tranquil. Now I just needa  fountain!