Midnight Forest Lofts

Home of English Trumpeters, Altenburg Trumpeters and rare colored Racing Homers

Friend's Links

Dennis Kuhn - Racing Homers - MN Two of his foundation barless homer hens came from MY loft! -

Diane Jacky - Artist Extraordinare - USA

Tom Barnhart - Dragoon, Racing Homer, Genetics! - USA

Claus Jensen - Bokhara Trumpeters - Denmark

Dusan Stojimirov - Bokhara Trumpeter - Germany

Roy Arbeider - Arabian Trumpeters, German Beak Crested Trumpeters - The Netherlands

Uwe Langhammer - Bernburg Trumpeters, Bokhara Trumpeters, English Trumpeters - Germany

Ali Hassan and Zuhair Haji- Bokhara Trumpeters - Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

Other Links of Interest

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Pigeon Genetic Websites:

Ron Huntley's website

Frank Mosca's website