Midnight Forest Lofts

Home to Trumpeters, Form pigeons, Classic Old Frills, and rare colored Racing Homers

Way back when, when i started going to racing homer shows in the winter months, I found a guy by the name of Ralph Anderson who had what he was calling "droppers". These were little busy birds that would lure the homers to drop down to the loft to come in. I was hooked. I got a few and quickly realized they looked like the Oriental Frill in the "The Pigeon", by Wendell Levi. I went to a 'all breed show' and quickly realized these birds were not the modern verison of what was being shown. A little bummed, i eventually sold them to a friend when i cut down but they always were in my mind.

I concentrated on the homers and Trumpeters for the next decade or so and then when I moved about the upper Midwest I placed all my birds with friends. Then, but some luck, I found a Facebook group called Classic Old Frills, and these birds were exactly what my old droppers looked like, only better! I soon found out there was a club with over 400 members that actively bred and maintained quality birds.

Laszlo Bardoci, current president of the club has been most generous in his birds and I now have 8 pair of COFs to start breeding in 2022.
My original birds were all bluettes but i now have bluette/silvette and brown bar, as well as Blue lace spot tail, Silver lace spot tail and brown lace spot tail birds. It is my hope I can have some of these lovely active birds to show and enjoy in 2022.