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Welcome! Updated 03.23.11

Welcome and please bear with me as I try and update my website. I have been absent for over a year and trying to get back on track!  I have been raising pigeons since 1994 when I started with Racing Homers. I have since fine-tuned my interests in pigeons and currently they are with Trumpeter breeds. I still maintain my own family line of racing homers and specialize in checks/bars/barless in blue/silver/indigo/ash red/ash yellow. My favorite trumpeter breeds are the English and the Altenburg.

I also whole-heartedly believe in getting other young people involved with pigeons and the hobby. I have gone to local elementary schools to give presentations and to local fairs to display my birds to get kids interested in them. Even if you can change the publics view about pigeons in general, you have won a battle.

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Den Haag, The Netherlands Bokhara Trumpeter Show November 2001

Fellow Bokhara Breeders from all over Europe and the USA after the show. I made many new friends and finally met others that I had only corresponded with over the internet. I am the one with the baseball cap on! :)